Babel – HD-DVD Edition

Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (21 Grams, 11'09"01-September 11) is nothing if not consistent. When you take in one of his films you know you will not be getting anything light or fluffy every one of his films has been dark, pondering and intellectually stimulating. His films are not for everyone. Continue Reading

Freedom Writers – Blu-Ray Edition

It is a story we've all seen before…a young white female teacher goes into an inner city, multi-ethnic school and is assigned the less-than-desirable task of teaching the kids that have been labelled as unteachable. You are now thinking to yourselves that you've seen it all before and why should Continue Reading


Rush releases an album every so often to show that progressive rock isn't dead yet. This particular release harkens back to their glory days soundwise. With their songs that sound like epic folklore tales you see how they might have even influenced such modern day bands as Arcade Fire. Contentwise Continue Reading