Various Artists

From past Shrek films we know that the soundtrack is just as fun and peppy as the film and that continues with this outing. There are classic rock tunes from The Ramones, Harry Chapin and Led Zeppelin mixed with more modern songs by Jet, Macy Grey and Wolfmother. The backward look and modern content finds a nice mixture in Fergie's version of Heart's Barracuda. Surprisingly, she shows she has the chops to take on this rock song. Another surprise is the fact that 'it' boy Justin Timberlake provides a voice for the film but does not contribute to the soundtrack. I guess he was trying to allow others to have their moment in the sun. Right? Of course there is the requisite tune by Antonio Banderas/Puss in Boots and Eddie Murphy/Donkey who make Sly & The Family Stone's "Thank You" slightly different (pay attention to the lyrics) and a whole bunch of fun.

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