Bedraggled Preview

La Balustrade at Monument National is the ideal venue for this type of show. As it is small (55 seat capacity) and is set up in cabaret style seating. No matter where you sit you'll be up close and personal with the actress/singer Gabrielle Maes. Miss Maes is a multi-talented Continue Reading


A group of three American tourists are backpacking through Brazil. Teenagers Bea (Olivia Wilde – Alpha Dog, Conversations With Other Women) and her friend, Amy (Beau Garrett – appeared in episodes of Entourage and North Shore), are accompanied by Bea's older brother, Alex (Josh Duhamel – from television's Vegas). Brazil Continue Reading

The History Boys

Based on the stage play that won more Tony Awards than any other play in the past 50 years, The History Boys is an independent film that was nominated for four British Independent Film Awards. All this sounds good but does it live up to the promise? I would have Continue Reading