A group of three American tourists are backpacking through Brazil. Teenagers Bea (Olivia Wilde – Alpha Dog, Conversations With Other Women) and her friend, Amy (Beau Garrett – appeared in episodes of Entourage and North Shore), are accompanied by Bea's older brother, Alex (Josh Duhamel – from television's Vegas). Brazil seems like the ultimate vacation destination for young people as it offers beaches, great weather, beautiful people, and plenty of parties, but the vacation turns into something quite different for the group.

A bus accident strands the three in the jungles of Brazil with no idea where they are and how to get anywhere. After talking to two Brits, Finn (Desmond Askew – The Hills Have Eyes – 2006, Go) and Liam (Max Brown – starred in several British television shows), and a seasoned Aussie traveler, Pru (Melissa George – from television's Alias), the group decides to head over to a remote beach village. At first it seems like they have stumbled onto paradise with its beautiful not too crowded beach, friendly locals and raging parties, but everything soon starts to go sour.

The morning after the night before the group all wake up on the beach feeling really groggy and then they realize all their possessions have been stolen. Not having any money or passports they do not know what to do next. After a run in with the locals a young man they met the previous evening says he will escort them to his uncle's deep in the jungle so they can escape the raging mob. Once again what initially seems like a good idea turns into a nightmare that not all of them will escape from.

Turistas is the type of film that is a young boy's fantasy. It contains all their favourite elements with excessive drinking, nubile young half dressed women, sex scenes, and violence. Who could want for more? Well, I think anyone with a discerning taste would protest. There is not too much of a story other than to allow for the nakedness and violence that pervades it. Everything else is just afterthought. Interestingly enough this was the first American film production to shoot entirely in Brazil and it makes me wonder if the Brazilian tourist industry knew anything about it. Director John Stockwell's (Crazy/Beautiful, Into the Blue) film certainly does not show the better side of the country – granted there are some stunning beach and jungles scenes – but rather depicts the country as a dangerous one full of crooked people. Hmmm?? Does not really scream out "Come to Brazil!" Nor should this film scream out "buy me" or "rent me" when you see it unless you are a teenage boy.

Special Features:
-The Bloody Truth: The Special Make-Up Effects of Turistas
-The Hills Have Eyes 2 teaser trailer

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