The Loop – Season 1

During our early 20s some people start on the true path of adulthood (jobs, relationships, responsibilities, etc.) and there are others who want to prolong their childhood that much longer. Some try to do both and end up doing neither well. Sam Sullivan (Bret Harrison – Orange County) is in that last category as he has a job at an airline and tries to still party with his roommates. He is the first of the bunch to get a 'real' job so they don't always understand that he has responsibilities and he tries to hide it from them so he can remain 'cool'. Trying to please his bosses and his friends ends up being too much for Sam.

Episode 1: Pilot: Sam, who has a secret crush on her, plans a birthday party for his roommate Piper (Amanda Loncar – appeared on episodes of CSI: Miami and Law and Order: Criminal Intent). The question of whether her boyfriend will attend hangs over Sam's head and heart.

Episode 2: Jack Air: Jenna (Rachel Boston – from television's American Dreams), a hot friend of Lizzy's (Sarah Mason – appeared in episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and 7th Heaven), gets Sam to compete against her in a tequila drinking challenge. Having to work in the morning does not occur to Sam until it is too late.

Episode 3: Tiger Express: Sam runs into an old girlfriend, Darcy (Joy Osmanski – first series), who he previously stood up and hopes that a dinner date in Hong Kong will make her forget it.

Episode 4: Trouble in the Saddle: Sam hurts himself in a zip-line accident and hurts his chances of sealing a big deal that happens at Russ's (Philip Baker Hall – Bruce Almighty, The Sum of All Fears) ranch.

Episode 5: Year of the Dog: Sully (Eric Christian Olsen – The Last Kiss, Cellular) has a new business as a dog walker and it ends up jeopardizing Sam's job.

Episode 6: Bear Drop Soup: Sam gets a promotion that ticks off his co-workers. Piper's anatomy tutor is a really hairy guy.

Episode 7: Rusty Trombone: Sam almost gets caught sneaking out of a work meeting in order to go to a Dandy Warhol concert with Piper.

Special Features:
-Thesis: Work vs. Play

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