The American Rap industry has been dishing out a lot of recycled mysogenistic and violent songs over the years. In recent times, French Rap and Hip Hop has been gaining momentum with groups such as IAM, Fonky Family, Dubmatique and Muzion. For those of you who haven't heard of Kmaro, you should check this guy out. He's been around for ten years and has released a remix album to mark his journey so far. He effectively mixes French and English lyrics and his raspy voice makes him stand out (in a good way). The album starts off with the upbeat "Let's Go," an absolutely awesome track. The beats are infectious and the vocals are impressive. "Crazy" is a hot track with danceable beats. He raises the roof with "Dense Dessus," one of those club anthems that can really get a crowd going. "I Shine" and "Beautiful Bizness" are notable. Just when you think this guy is different, he puts on the gangsta image with tracks like "Gangsta Party" and "Qu'est Ce Que Ca Te Fout." It was wishful thinking on my part to think that maybe an artist can cut an amazing Rap album and skip out on the violent lyrics and the thug life. I still think that even though there are some of these elements in Kmaro's music, it is not as graphic as many of the Rap albums out there. He comes across as very confident, proud and materialistic but his musical production is tight and he is lyrically skilled. One of the best Hip Hop / Rap albums I've heard in a long time.

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