The 40-Year-Old Virgin – Unrated

The 40 Year-Old Virgin, portrayed by Steve Carell, is unlike any comedy that I've seen in a long time. Andy (Carell) is basically a geek who rides his bike to the electronics store where he works at the repair counter. He collects mint condition action figures and plays a lot of video games. And he happens to be a 40 year-old virgin. When his co-workers find out, they can't crack enough jokes about it, that is until they become determined to get him laid. This makes for some great situational comedy where the possibilities are endless. Carell, who was a correspondent on the Daily Show and also played on S.N.L. and the short-lived Dana Carvey Show, co-wrote the script with first-time director Judd Apatow. Catherine Keener (Being John Malcovich, The Ballad of Jack and Rose) plays a sexy single grandmother and Andy's love interest.

This movie comes across as a coming-of-age movie for adults in some ways like American Pie. While it doesn't surpass any borders comedy-wise it is still a very worthy film. If you like movies like "There's Something About Mary" or "Office Space" you will not be disappointed. Carell's shiny smile and keen good looks fit well with his dry wit and sarcasm.

Special Features:
-Directing the Virgin
-Assembling the Ensemble
-Steve Carell – Uncensored
-Sneak Peek of Knocked Up
-Preparing for the Big Game
-Reel Comedy Roundtable

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