R&B artist Shy'm recently released her debut album entitled "Mes Fantaisies."
While this is mainly a French album, there are some English lyrics in the mix as well. Hip Hop / Rap artist Kmaro has collaborated and brought his musical production skills, which blends nicely with Shy'm's sweet voice. The album starts off with a track with same title as her name. It is catchy and has a cool backdrop. "Femme De Couleur" has the young lady sharing her roots with the listeners. "Sur Les Dancefloors" is an enjoyable track as is "Oublie Moi." Slow songs such as "Ta Lady" and "Les Blues De Toi" are decent but Shy'm shines on the more upbeat tracks. "Tu Comprendras" is a good effort. "Victoire" is an empowering track that ends off the album on a positive note. Also included is a bonus remix version of "Femme De Couleur." An artist to discover.

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