Rufus Wainwright

There definitely is a European flair about the album from Mr. Wainwright, so it is not surprising that it was recording in Berlin and that Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) was brought on to produce. Rufus has always been about the 'drama' and the Euro sound really suits his purposes. The song remain the same despite the change of location with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour, over-the-topness and flamboyant musicianship. At some points while listening to the album you will feel like you are listening to an opera or a theatre production with all its choir vocals and orchestral elements. He has always known how to get every last bit of heartache or passion out of his voice, but now it seems as if his technique is catching up with his intent. After all this being said you will find it impossible to classify his music…he is truly an artist doing his own thing and doing it well.

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