Stomp The Yard

DJ (Columbus Short – Accepted, War of the Worlds), who is an amazing underground street dancer from Los Angeles, ends up in brawl after a dance off for money and his brother, Duron (Chris Brown – appeared in episodes of The OC), is killed. As his mother is worried about her remaining son's future she sends him to live with her brother (Harry J. Lennix – Ray, The Matrix Revolutions) and his wife (Valarie Pettiford – Like Mike, Glitter) in Atlanta, Georgia. DJ will be going to Truth University and working for his uncle as a landscaper. His dance skills cause him to be offered to pledge at two different fraternities. Due to the fact that the girl DJ is attracted to, April (Meagan Good – You Got Served, House Party 3), is dating one of the lead dancers of one of the fraternities, he joins the other one. DJ continues pursuing April despite the fact that she is not single and the two fraternities meet at the Step Dance Nationals.

If you are looking for something fresh and intelligent then this film will be a disappointment, if you want to just sit down and watch some great dancing and a short history of step dancing then give Stomp the Yard a chance. I have to be honest and say that I knew about step dancing, but I thought it had completely gone out of style. I guess not! In the United States, at least. I have to say that I am getting a little tired of the urban kid learning a whole new life and being accepted into suburban/middle class society films. I think this is a well that has been tapped dry. The film's plot was so similar to the film "Drumline" (instead of step dancing it was marching drum playing) that it was kinda humourous. Bottom line, though, this does not matter. The film was a success at the box office, so that means it managed to find its audience and connect with a large amount of people. Despite the flaws the film is entertaining on a certain level. That's really all that should matter with films. Maybe…

Special Features:
-Battles, Rivals, Brothers
-Deleted/Extended Scenes
-Gag reel
-Previews of Crossover, Rocky Balboa, Surf's Up, Across the Universe, Little Man, Gridiron Gang, You Got Served, The Gospel, and Are We Done Yet?

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