Hogan’s Heroes – The Sixth and Final Season

The demise and the way it happened of popular television series Hogan's Heroes made plenty of people upset. Hogan's gang was not given their liberation from the P.O.W. camp they were held in. Other than that season six was full of the same sabotaging the Nazis at every turn by Hogan and his pals. Even in this the last season you will be astounded by how stupid the Germans are and how far Hogan et al. will go to sabotage their war efforts.

Episode 1: Cuisine a la Stalag 13: Lebeau (Robert Clary – appeared in episodes of Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful) wants to escape from Stalag 13 P.O.W. camp, but that would leave it without a cook.

Episode 2: The Experts: A German radio whiz who the Germans want dead is saved and then helped to escape by Hogan (Bob Crane – appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Love Boat)

Episode 3: Klink's Masterpiece: In order to set up a meeting at an art gallery, Hogan goes about convincing Klink (Werner Klemperer – Judgement at Nuremberg) that he has great artistic talent.

Episode 4: Lady Chitterly's Lover: Part 1: Lord Chitterly (Bernard Fox – The Mummy, Titanic), who is a dead ringer for Crittendon (Bernard Fox) is coming to Stalag 13 with some information for the Germans, so Crittendon dresses up to impersonate him.

Episode 5: Lady Chitterly's Lover: Part 2: As Crittendon is trying to fool the Germans, the real Lord Chitterly escapes.

Episode 6: The Gestapo Takeover: Klink and Schultz (John Banner – appeared in episodes of Father Knows Best and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin) are off to the Russian front so the Gestapo take over Stalag 13.

Episode 7: Kommandant Schultz: When Schultz becomes leader of Stalag 13 temporarily he starts to abuse his power.

Episode 8: Eight O'Clock and All Is Well: A German spy who is disguised as an American fools Hogan and his gang and he finds out all of their plans.

Episode 9: The Big Record: In order to record a secret SS meeting Hogan uses a tape recorder given to him by Schultz.

Episode 10: It's Dynamite: Hogan and the gang need the contents of a dynamite truck, but can't seem to locate it.

Episode 11: Operation Tiger: Tiger (Arlene Martel – appeared in episodes of I Dream of Jeannie and Star Trek), a French underground fighter, is to be executed by the Germans, so Hogan and his gang decide to try and rescue her.

Episode 12: The Big Broadcast: Because of some detection equipment, Hogan has to use the radio in Klink's car.

Episode 13: The Gypsy: In order to get some radar equipment to London, Lebeau is passed off as a Gypsy fortune teller.

Episode 14: The Dropouts: Hogan helps three German scientists to escape from Stalag 13 and get to London.

Episode 15: Easy Come, Easy Go: Hogan and Klink steal a plane in London in the hopes of exposing German spies in London.

Episode 16: The Meister Spy: Disguising themselves as Germans, the heroes get an American traitor to disclose to them who are the Germans he is working with.

Episode 17: That's No Lady, That's My Spy: Dressed up as the wife of a German officer, Newkirk (Richard Dawson – The Running Man, The Longest Day) tries to gather penicillin for the underground

Episode 18: To Russia Without Love: Hogan gets a Russian woman to convince Klink to volunteer for the Russian front so he can get his hands on secret papers

Episode 19: Klink for the Defense: Hogan wants to prove that a German officer is innocent of treason so that he can obtain the plans he stole for the Allies.

Episode 20: The Kamikazes Are Coming: Hogan and the gang have to figure out how to get a new rocket back to England.

Episode 21: Kommandant Gertrude: General Burkhalter's sister (Kathleen Freeman – Shrek, Joe Dirt) arrives with her fiancé at the same time Hogan is trying to get an American general out of the camp.

Episode 22: Hogan's Double Life: A German officer is on to what is really happening at Stalag 13.

Episode 23: Look at the Pretty Snowflakes: Hogan has a plan to delay a Panzer division and it involves an avalanche.

Episode 24: Rockets or Romance: An underground group needs help in blowing up a missile battery.

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