The Shirley Temple Collection – Volume 5

America's first little sweetheart had a fairly short career because the public could not accept her in adult roles. Shirley had for all intents and purposes retired by age 20. These three films were shot between 1934 and 1940.

The Little Princess:
Director: Walter Lang

Sara Crewe (Shirley Temple) is put in a boarding school by her widowed father. The school is run by an evil headmistress who just wants the money, so since her father is rich she is treated like a princess. All this changes when rumors of her father's death get back to the headmistress and she realizes that no more money will be coming in. Sara must now serve the other girls to earn her keep. With her chin up, Sara does just this and manages to win over almost everyone including Queen Victoria herself. All the while she hopes that her father will return.

Stand Up And Cheer!:
Director: Hamilton MacFadden

The President, in an effort to boost the morale of Americans during the Depression, decides to appoint Lawrence Cromwell (Warner Baxter – 42nd Street, The Cisco Kid), who is a Broadway showman, as the Secretary of Amusement. Everything Cromwell does is stymied by those wealthy men who are actually profiting off of the Depression. Just as he starts to lose all hope, Cromwell realizes that the public are beginning to really enjoy the performances that he has organized.

Special Feature:
-Shirley Temple Theater: The Little Princess

The Blue Bird:
Director: Walter Lang

Mytyl (Shirley Temple) is a selfish and spoiled young girl, who does not appreciate all that she has. She is especially ignorant of what a great family she has. A good fairy (Jessie Ralph – Les Miserables – 1935) send Mytyl and her brother, Tytyl (Johnny Russell – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), on a journey to find the bird of happiness. Mytyl learns the lesson that she already has true happiness with her family.

Special Features:
-Shirley Temple Theater: The Little Princess

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