Dolores O’Riordan

It is always an exciting moment when one of the great modern female rock voices finally releases a long awaited solo debut album. With The Cranberries, Irish rocker Dolores O'Riordan met with huge commercial success and then burnt out. We have not heard much from her since The Cranberries took a 'break' in 2001. After getting married and having a few kids, O'Riordan, who lives part time in Ontario, turned back to music. And I have to say that we've certainly missed the voice! It certainly turned out to be worth the wait if you count yourself as a fan. The voice is still great and the music is still full of that passion. Soundwise there are no big surprises, but at times it does sound like a throwback to 80s female vocalists like compatriot Sinead O'Connor or Siouxsie and the Banshees. Though the music is pounding and crashing at times it is never allowed to take the focus away from the huge voice that comes from that tiny woman. Lyrically it is quite personal using her mother-in-law's death, her children's births and her marriage for inspiration. She seems calmer, wiser and more at ease with who she is on this album. I guess age and perspective will do that for you, whatever the reason this is a strong outing.

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