Relative Strangers

Successful psychiatrist Dr. Richard Clayton's (Ron Livingston – Little Black Book, Adaptation) life is going swimmingly: he has just released a self-help book that is on the best-seller list, is married to a beautiful woman (Neve Campbell – Scream, 54) and has two loving parents. The only negative in his life is his relationship with his brother, Mitch (Bob Odenkirk – Let's Go To Prison, Dr. Dolittle 2), who is jealous of him. Due to this jealousy, Mitch lets it slip that Richard was adopted. This causes Richard to go into a tailspin and he decides to try and find his parents. After a couple of false leads he finally meets Agnes (Kathy Bates – Misery, Failure to Launch) and Frank Menure (Danny Devito – Romancing the Stone, Big Fish) who turn out to be his biological parents. What should be a happy discovery turns out to be a disaster as the Menures are trailer park trash who do nothing but embarrass Richard time and time again. This is going to be some kind of adjustment for everyone.

I guess director Greg Glienna (first feature film) and the makers of this film were trying to cash in on the success of films of the like of Meet the Fockers and Meet the Parents, but they fell way short of the mark. If they were trying to replicate that film's success then they had to change it a bit. Making it a story about a man meeting his biological parents is not enough. Everything else is the same (the awkwardness due to the differences in lifestyles, etc.) and not done nearly as well. The parents, played by Kathy Bates and Danny Devito, are really over-the-top stereotypical trailer park residents. None of the humour surrounding them is even remotely funny. After about the ¾ mark it becomes even less funny and more predictable than it began.

Special Features:
-On The Set
-Relatives On Relatives
-Previews for Relative Strangers, A Minor Thing, The Couple, Mr. Fix It, A Guide to Reorganize, and Your Saints

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