Chris Cornell

After the end of megagroups Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave, Chris Cornell decided he needed a change of many of his sceneries, so he decided to record solo, become sober and moved his family to France. What has not changed about Cornell is that almost perfect rock voice. His deep and committed instrument has buckled the knees of many a young woman and caused many a young man to wish he were Cornell. It is not a technically perfect voice by any stretch, but it does suit the rock genre. On this album he shows his range by using a more bluesy and even some R&B stylings vocally. Though on this album his style of music has mellowed somewhat (hey, he is over 40 now!) the voice is no less powerful. Maybe even more so because he is not having to battle for supremacy over the music anymore. He seems more content with his life and less acrimonious a performer. So much so that he is able to do a cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" on the album and not have us laugh. For the first time, because of his complete change of tempo of the song, he has forced us to listen to the lyrics and realize how sad a song it really is. Quite an accomplishment, I say. Also amidst the 14 tracks is a song you will recognize as the theme song to the latest James Bond movie (Casino Royale) entitled "You Know My Name". Though the album is a bit softer than his previous material it forces to sit up and really listen. Smart man this Chris Cornell.

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