The Hip-Hop industry has been under a lot of scrutiny lately. The founder of Def Jam Records Mr. Russell Simmons, one of the industry's influential leaders, has been trying to encourage dialogue about the negativity portrayed through this type of music. In fact, he discussed this very topic on the Oprah show and said that there is a problem, yet many of his own artists continue to make music like this. Fabolous is one such artist, who recently released his latest collection of tracks on the Def Jam label, entitled From Nothin' To Somethin'. Honestly, I think Fabolous is skilled on the mic. He's got a good voice and all but has been very much part of the distribution of violent and mysogenistic music. He is tamer than the likes of Snoop and 50 Cent but still talkin' big and telling tales about bitches and ho's. He's filled up his latest album with big name artists such as Rihanna, Ne-Yo and Akon but nothing really different from his previous albums. There are some catchy musical backdrops here and there but the album is just a reflection of others out there. It's a worn out formula. Too bad because he's got potential.

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