Until Death

If you were to look for an example of a police detective who had hit rock bottom Anthony Lowe's (Jean-Claude Van Damme – Universal Soldier, Kickboxer) picture would be right there. Disliked by most of his co-workers, separated from his wife Valerie (Selina Giles – V For Vendetta, Restoration) and having a nasty heroin habit, Lowe is not exactly Mr. Personality. Two officers get killed on a bust he was running and his wife tells him that she is pregnant and it is not his child. On top of all that he is secretly working in cahoots with ex-police officer now big time drug dealer, Gabriel Callaghan (Stephen Rea – The Crying Game, Breakfast on Pluto). While trying to keep all the balls he is juggling in the air, Lowe gets ambushed by Callaghan's men and is left for dead. He has been shot in the head and is in a coma. Coming out of the coma he has a new lease on life and goes about trying to right all the wrongs he has committed. The progress is halted when Callaghan kidnaps Valerie leaving Lowe no choice but to try and rescue her.

When I first picked up the DVD I wondered what Stephen Rea was doing in a Jean-Claude Van Damme film directed by his buddy, Simon Fellows (Second in Command). Stephen Rea is a good actor and Van Damme films tend to go straight to video. I was perplexed. After watching the film I am not going to say that it was fabulous, but it was actually better than I thought it would be. Unlike most recent Van Damme films this one is not completely implausible and ridiculous. His acting abilities (?) really lend to characters who are strung out on heroin and recovering from comas. I guess it's the mispronunciation and slurring that he has down pat. He does very little hand-to-hand combat in this film, which used to be his bread and butter, and sticks to gunfights. Rea adds a certain credibility as the bad guy. I mean, he can truly act. The film and its story of a character waking up from a coma a completely different person is not something that you haven't seen many times before, but still it is a decent rental action flick.

Special Features:
-Previews of Seraphim Falls, The Hard Corps, The March, Shottas, The Detonator, Walking Tall The Payback, Attack Force, Flight of Fury, Striking Range, Edison Force, Second in Command, and Dirty

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