For a long while during the 1980s and 90s Prince was the King. Okay, maybe co-King with Michael Jackson, but he was huge!! Towards the end of the 90s and in the new century he sorta faded from the public eye, but during this year's half-time show at the Super Bowl he demonstrated that his huge talent has not faded one bit as he put on a tremendous show that involved no wardrobe malfunctions. Wink! Wink! This 2-disc greatest hits collection is fabulous as many of the hits are there. You can put it on and just dance around your living room pretending it's 1999. The first disc there are 17 tunes as they were recorded plus a fantastic live version of "Nothing Compares to U", a song he wrote and Sinead O'Connor made famous, and the second has 11 tracks that are remixes of other hits. He was sexual, raw, passionate, a great composer, and always willing to experiment with his sound. This brilliant body of work will go far in demonstrating to you what an influential and talented performer Prince was and is.

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