Traveling Wilburys

One of the true supergroups that were every formed, Traveling Wilburys (Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Jeff Lynne) had five of the most successful musicians ever to collaborate. George Harrison got some of his friends together to record a single and the Wilburys was the result. They had so much fun together that the project was expanded into making full-length discs. The band went on to record two albums in the late 80s and in some ways working together they were better than what they did alone. The second album was done without Roy Orbison as he had passed away, but was as full of important and timeless music as the first. Without letting their egos get in the way each member was given the opportunity to sing lead on different songs and it worked. The resulting music was rock solid folk rock music. Unfortunately the albums have not been available for a good many years. That is until now. They have been put together in this special two CD package that comes with a bonus DVD of the band's videos and a documentary. This is a must for fans of the Wilburys or the individual artists that made up this unfortunately short lived collective.

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