I was with this film until the bitter end. Unfortunately, the end left a bitter taste in my mouth. The incredibly hokey double ending destroys the decent work of the whole film. It is bad not once but twice. Oh, Sandra, how I want to like your movies because you are so likable, but lately (other than Infamous) your choices have been awful!

Start off with a flashback to several years ago when Jim Hanson (Julian McMahon – from television's Nip/Tuck) surprises his wife Linda (Sandra Bullock – Speed, Infamous) with a new house in suburbs and it seems as if they are going to have the 'perfect' life together. Several years later they are still in the same house but have two young daughters, Megan (Shyann McClure – appeared in an episode of House) and Bridgette (Courtney Taylor Burness – Akeelah and the Bee, Thank You For Smoking). Jim works at a car dealership and Linda is a stay-at-home mom. Everything seems hunky dory until the day that Linda receives a strange phone message from Jim, then the door rings and there is a sheriff (Marc Macaulay – Miami Vice, Red Eye) standing there telling her that Jim has died in a car accident yesterday. This is definitely not the best Thursday of Linda's life. Linda's mother, Joanne (Kate Nelligan – The Cider House Rules, The Prince of Tides), comes to help her with the kids and the other arrangements. Linda is in a daze and seems confused. Things go from bad to worse when she wakes up the next morning to find Jim in the kitchen eating breakfast. How can he be alive when he died yesterday? Where is Joanne? Something is not right! Did she have a really bad dream? Each day that Linda wakes up it switches between Jim being alive or dead. No one else seems aware of what is going on. Everyone is worried about Linda's behaviour, including her best friend Annie (Nia Long – Are We There Yet?, Big Momma's House). Linda finds everything in her life seems inexplicable and she alone is aware that something is going on….something strange and bad.

Up until the ending, director Mennan Yapo (first English feature film) has succeeded in constructing an interesting film with plenty of twists and turns. The film combines elements from Sixth Sense and Memento in its you try and figure it out style. Sandra Bullock turns in another one of her steady performances. I am not going to say that this would have been a great film without the ending because if it had a decent ending then we might have focused more on a few plot holes (and fairly big ones). Admittedly, as the film went on and its path became visible to me I found myself scratching my head over a few points. There was also a scene in which Yapo decided to use a hand held camera and it shook so much I found myself completely irritated. But all these things aside it still could have been a decent movie if not for the lazy, ridiculous and disappointing ending. Not only is the ending disappointing, but it resolves nothing! How aggravating!

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