moe. interview part II

This interview is the continuation of last weeks article, enjoy

(Al) A big part of the band's summer fun consists of Festivals called Summer Camp, moe down and in the winter snow down. These festivals allow the band to invite a wish list of their favorite musicians. The guys are still hoping to attract Wilco, Build To Spill and the remaining members of Led Zeppelin.

Words of wisdom to wannabe musicians: (Chuck) "Play live, play with friends, and with others, it's how you teach yourself to be a better musician. Learn new stuff, interact." (Al) "Listen to the Beatles." (Vinnie) "Play, play, play! If you hate punk and reggae then maybe you can take something from each and put it into your own music, keep on playing".

What does the future hold for moe.? (Chuck) "We will be going to Amsterdam, we just came back from the U.K. and we played in Japan, West Coast and the Rockies." (Vinnie) " it's great, just like a paid vacation." Al interjects and mentions that the band will begin recording their next album in the fall. "We will be renting a church in the Berkshire Mountains for a month, no families will come so that our head's are in the right place".

Chuck informs me that moe. has been to Ottawa three times. The band loves Canada. Last night on a rare night off the band immersed themselves in Canadian culture by downing copious amounts of liquids at Ottawa's famed D'Arcy McGee Pub which is across the street from The Parliament buildings.

Catching up with Rob after the less than formal interview with the three other members, I asked him if he had finished writing out the set-list? He replies "We have hundreds of songs to choose from, but because of our limited playing time tonight I'll choose 6 or 7 of our more upbeat tunes." "We have a following that follows us from show to show, which is why we don't repeat set lists".

The most noticeable vibe you get after meeting moe. is that they are relaxed and down to earth. The kind of guys you could easily be friends with. Even though the clock was ticking down just before their concert, no one felt anxious or stressed; maybe that's what happens after 17 years of playing together.

Set List: 07/10/07 Ottawa – Bluesfest, Ottawa, ON
Crab Eyes
Not Coming Down
Wind it up
Down Boy

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