Bon Jovi

Coming off his successful appearance on last season's American Idol, Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates are back with an album that is chock full of country music. Changing the pace from their usual arena rock tunes, the band from New Jersey is putting their own stamp on country music. They obviously have respect and appreciate country music. This is not a half-assed attempt to cash in on their Grammy Award-winning success with their single "Who Says You Can't Go Home"; the band is serious and does the genre proud without alienating their old fans. They are staying true to what they are and have been as a band, but able to do this tribute to the music from down south. Bon Jovi have even brought LeAnn Rimes on board to record a duet with them. Using the example set before them by Country music, the lyrics in the 12 original songs really allow you insight into what was happening in the lives of the band members and how they think and feel. Love is still the overwhelming subject but they also venture into the areas of death and the end of relationships. The result is an album that is mature, insightful, intimate, and of high quality.

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