Holly McNarland

Like happens with many female artists of a certain age, Holly McNarland 'disappeared' for five years in between her last record, "Home is Where My Feet Are" and her latest release due to the birth of her second child. "Chin Up Buttercup" is a strong outing for the little lady with the big voice. Starting her career off as Canada's original 'angry' girl with hits like "Numb" and "Elmo", this album is a lot more upbeat probably due to the fact that she is now a mother two times over. While her anger seems to have cooled down her sense of humour and on-the-edge lyrics have not. She can be funny and cutting all in the same song. Her lyrics are still very personal and frank. The difference is that on this album instead of coupling the biting lyrics with all out rock music there are some catchy pop beats in the back. Several songs on the album such as the first single "Every Single Time" and "DaDaDa" are the types that get stuck in your head after one listen. Don't think that she has completely mellowed out though as there are still some hard rocking songs on the album like the Led Zeppelin sounding "Dear Pain". What thankfully has not changed is that full out full of emotion voice of hers. Still incredible!

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