Justin Nozuka

This native of Ontario sounds like this country's version of Jason Mraz mixed with Jack Johnson and a dab of Ben Harper thrown in for good measure. Speaking of good, that word describes everything about this debut album. His mixture of soul, blues and folk is a great listen. Nozuka's unplugged sounding album is full of poetic lyrics about important issues that uses every ounce of his mellow voice and great guitar playing. Despite his young age he tackles such subjects as loneliness and domestic violence without denigrating either. There is plenty of soul, passion and emotion in each song. If you go for the sound then you will agree that front to back this is a solid album with not a weak track. Everything you think about him is amplified when you find out that he is only 18-years-old. This guy can only get better! As a reflection of how piss poor radio has become he probably will not get any radio play so buying the album will require a leap of faith, but do it and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Here's another example of the quality of musicians that this country churns out. We rawk!!

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