Dead Silence – Unrated

The town of Ravens Fair, like many small towns, has a spooky tale that circulates claiming that if the ghost of Mary Shaw (Judith Roberts – appeared in episodes of Law & Order), who was hunted down and killed years ago, catches you and you scream she will tear your tongue out. Not a particularly nice tale, is it? It seems to be just a tale that kids tell each other to scare one another. No one really believes it…or do they? Native Ravens Fairers, Jamie and Lisa become a little more nervous when a wooden dummy, the kind Mary Shaw used, is delivered to their apartment.

Jamie (Ryan Kwanten – Flicka) returns home after buying some Chinese for dinner only to find his wife Lisa (Laura Regan – Unbreakable, Hollow Man II) dead. She has not only been brutally murdered, but done so in the manner in which the tale of Mary Shaw spoke of. To make matters the detective assigned to the case, Jim Lipton (Donnie Wahlberg – Saw II, Annapolis), seems to believe that Jamie killed his wife. While trying to stay one step ahead of Lipton, Jamie heads to his hometown in order to try and get to the bottom of his wife's murder. He brings the wooden dummy with him.

If you find yourself one night in the mood for an old fashioned horror film then pick this one up. "Dead Silence", directed by James Wan (Saw), is full of the dark rooms, odd characters, small towns, ghosts, and cobwebs that were popular in the horror films of earlier days. The idea of the killer puppet is a little clichéd, but what isn't in horror films nowadays? Shot in a very Gothic style the film is sure to have you jumping a couple of times which watching it.

Special Features:
-Alternate opening
-Alternate ending
-Deleted scenes
-The Making Of Dead Silence
-Mary Shaw's Secret
-Evolution of a Visual FX
-Aiden's "We Sleep Forever" video

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