Preview of The Police concert

If you asked a concert promoter what tour he had most been dreaming of happening The Police would be right up there. When they broke up in the 1986 they were sitting on top of the world. Their last album "Synchronicity" was a huge hit in the mid 80s. In the past 20 years their music has not gone out of style rather The Police have influenced a range of up-and-coming bands such as No Doubt and Bedouin Soundclash have emulated the band using a similar mix of reggae and rock to top the charts.

Ever since "Roxanne" came out roughly 30 years ago, Montreal has had a love affair with the band. We were one of the first North American cities to catch on to the music the band played. They started off playing small venues here and then finally ended up at the Big O. The feeling was mutual as the recording and remixing of two of their albums, including "Synchronicity", was recorded in this province at the studio in Morin Heights.

Putting their reputed huge egos and differences aside, for the most part, the three members, Sting – bass and vocals, Andy Summers – guitar, Stewart Copeland – drums, have reunited for this special tour. It is your chance to see one of the most innovative and influential bands to come along in the last 30 years so don't miss your chance! They will be playing two shows, tonight and Thursday, at the Bell Centre and based on previous show setlists it will be a greatest hits type set. We are also given the opportunity to see if Sting has passed along his musical genes as his son's band, Fiction Plane, are the opening act.

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