Can you imagine? This tale, that seems totally made up by a Hollywood mind, is based on the true story of a 25-foot man-eating crocodile! Scary!

Television journalist, Tim Manfrey (Dominic Purcell – from television's Prison Break), is being punished for airing a story in which the information was found out to be untrue. He is sent to Africa with his cameraman, Steven Johnson (Orlando Jones – I Think I Love My Wife, Runaway Jury), and animal show host, Aviva Masters (Brooke Langton – The Benchwarmers, The Replacements), in order to get a story on a huge crocodile dubbed Gustave that has been killing human beings. They are hoping to catch the giant crocodile in order to cash in on it later.

Once in Burundi, Manfrey and his crew hired noted tracker, Jacob Krieg (Jurgen Prochnow – The Da Vinci Code, The English Patient) in order to hunt down the killer beast. What they believe is going to be a simple story and a chance to see Africa turns into a nightmare of fear and death. The crocodile with over 300 human kills on its resume turns out to be the least of their problems as they find themselves in the middle of a dispute between local warlords.

Despite all the potential to scare the pants off of you this film falls a little flat in that department. Too bad because the concept was cool due to the fact that it was based in reality. Director Michael Katleman (directed episodes of The X-Files and China Beach) does not seem to know how to build tension and then to keep it. Everything is done at such a slow and plodding pace that I found myself losing interest. Also the insertion of the whole warlord aspect kinda felt a bit preachy and stilted. It didn't really mix with the killer crocodile story, which is really the reason anyone would be interested in seeing the film. The whole filming in africa aspect was also underused as we did not get to see much of the continent's beauty. Everything was kinda grey and murky. The final nail in the coffin was the bad acting by the entire cast. They all looked like they wanted to be elsewhere and either turned in wooden performances or totally overacted.

Special Features:
-Crocumentary: Bring Gustave to Life
-Deleted scenes
-Sneak peeks of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, Ratatouille, Renaissance, and The Lookout

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