Wild Hogs

William H. Macy what were you thinking? Macy is one of my favourite actors in film today so don't tell me that he actually read this script and thought that it was funny! Can't be! I can see actors like Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence needing the paycheck, but not Macy! Oh, the horror!

Woody Stevens (John Travolta – Grease, Pulp Fiction) is a highly successful middle-aged man who is married to a swimsuit model. You think he has everything, right? Well, so does Woody until his accountant (Steve Landesberg – from television's Barney Miller) tells him that he is broke and his wife decides to leave him. Woody comes up with the idea that he and his three best friends should go on a cross country motorcycle trip in order to exert their independence. Although they are initially hesitant, Doug (Tim Allen – from television's Home Improvement), Bobby (Martin Lawrence – Bad Boys, Big Momma's House) and Dudley (William H. Macy – Fargo, Bobby) all decide to go. They all feel that the road trip will provide them with a new lease on life. Everything is going fairly smooth…well, actually no it isn't as on their first night on the road, Dudley burns down their tent and they have to sleep outdoors and in the morning they are woken up by a police officer (John C. McGinley – from television's Scrubs) who is interested in giving them more than a ticket…if you catch my drift. But anyways…Back on the road again the Wild Hogs (the name of their biker 'gang') stop at a biker bar and get into a little bit of trouble with the leader of the Del Fuegos, Jack (Ray Liotta – Smokin' Aces, Blow). Jack ends up taking Dudley's bike and sending them on their way. Woody decides to go back and get the bike. The manner in which he does this ends up with the Del Fuegos' bar blowing up. And the chase is on! Jack and his gang split up trying to find the Wild Hogs. Woody does not really tell his pals the truth about how he got the bike back, so they don't think anything is wrong whereas Woody is sweating bullets. The Wild Hogs stop in a town called Madrid and end up staying for the Chile Festival. Woody wants to leave but the rest want to stay. Dudley even ends up meeting Maggie (Marisa Tomei – My Cousin Vinny, Alfie – 2004) and falling in love. Two bikers from Jack's gang locate the Wild Hogs and Jack is coming to Madrid to settle the score.

I don't know who director Walt Becker (Van Wilder) expected to find funny a character repeatedly falling off his bike, coffee being spilt on a computer, drinking gravy, and homophobic humour. Actually, thinking back on that I think there probably is a large portion of the population who will laugh at those parts. I, on the other hand, wanted to jab a hot poker into my eye over and over. Maybe the film is directed at middle-aged people exclusively and there is a secret code type of humour involved that only they will find amusing. Maybe bikers will find it amusing…I am not saying that there are no funny parts in the film. There are probably about 3 laughs total, but I am saying that overall it is certainly not the best motorcycle film nor 'buddy' movie I have ever seen. Oh, and William H. Macy, if you are reading this, please, give me a call!

Special Features:
-"Bikes, Brawls, and Burning Bars: The Making of Wild Hogs"
-How to Get Your Wife to Let You Buy a Motorcycle
-Alternate ending
-Deleted scenes

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