The Hills – The Complete Second Season

MTV is not only about music videos nowadays as it has stepped into the producing television show arena as well. Several popular television shows have come from this network, such as The Newlyweds – Nick and Jessica, The Osbournes, Jackass, and Laguna Beach. The Hills is an offshoot of Laguna Beach as it is a reality series about four girls living in the city of Los Angeles. We get a peek into their friendships, jobs and boyfriends. How could you resist?

Episode 1: Out With The Old…: Lauren's summer with Jason was the pits and she decides to break up with him. She is worried about going back to her job at Teen Vogue and how her boss will react.

Episode 2: When You Least Expect It: Lauren heads out on her first date since breaking up with Jason. Heidi has something that she must tell her boyfriend.

Episode 3: The Best Night Ever: Audrina shows up at Heidi's birthday uninvited and is not welcome. Lauren, though she claims to be focusing on work, has fallen for a guy named Brody.

Episode 4: Who Do You Trust?: Heidi does not believe Audrina when she tells her that Spencer is cheating. She then does when she witnesses it with her own eyes.

Episode 5: One Big Interruption: Heidi tells Spencer she would like a 'break' from him, but ends up pining for him. Lauren is planning a Teen Vogue dinner but has to compete against the New York intern, Emily.

Episode 6: You Have Chosen: Heidi has to choose between Lauren, her best friend and Spencer after Lauren tells her what she thinks of him.

Episode 7: With Friends Like These…: Heidi sets up Jen with Brody causing Lauren to wonder about who she can trust.

Episode 8: Enough Is Enough: The distance grows between Lauren and Heidi. Audrina and Lauren go out on a double blind date.

Episode 9: New Year, New Friends: Heidi is asked by Spencer to move in with him. Heidi wonders how she is going to tell Lauren.

Episode 10: Apology Not Accepted: It is Lauren's 21st birthday and Heidi and Audrina throw her a party. Jen tries to apologize to Lauren.

Episode 11: Everybody Falls: There is a new opportunity for Whitney at Teen Vogue. Spencer really puts the screws to Heidi to move in with him and out with Lauren.

Episode 12: Goodbye For Now: It is the season finale, Heidi makes her decision about moving in with Spencer. Lauren looks to Audrina to be her new best friend. Whitney goes to New York for a full-time job interview with Teen Vogue.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Premiere Party
-Photo Shoot
-The Hills Remixes

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