Joss Stone

While still quite young Joss Stone burst onto the scene with her big voice and love of old time blues/soul music to make quite a name for her. Now with her third album Stone has decided to make a more personal statement with her music. Like at one point or another in most young artist's careers they decide to try and breakaway from the label's idea of what they should record and put out an album that will let their fans in on what type of person they are. Don't fret as the music is still in the soul arena though she has made a younger album more suitable for a girl of 19. Using plenty of girl group harmonies and funky backbeats the focal point is still her big voice. However as I listened to the album, like the other two, I was a little frustrated as the girl obviously has mad talent but the album does not live up to it. We just gotta hope with each release she gets just a little closer. That being said, musically the album is probably her strongest yet so that leads me to believe that the girl should continue making her own decisions.

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