Saute Moutons Jet Boating tours

This past Saturday afternoon myself and five of my closest friends went jet boating with Saute Moutons Jet Boating on the Lachine rapids. We arrived at the clock Tower Pier right at the bottom of Berri, which has convenient parking for a flat rate of $15. Don't leave your valuables in the car they have lockers and changing rooms for your security and privacy. Saute Moutons Boat tours is located at the end of the pier and is clearly marked. We arrived, as we were asked to, about 45 minutes before departure time. You can expect a brief instruction period in English, French and it would appear Spanish, as was demonstrated, by our enthusiastic animator, Jack.

We learned a few very important things from Jack. Number one is to expect to get very, very, very wet. Bring a change of clothes. A full change of clothes, including undies and a hairbrush, ladies! If you happen to really be stuck the tour can accommodate you with a semi- water repellent suit. Don't think you'll stay dry in it either, because you will be sadly disappointed. Those of us who worried about being cold were provided with an army issue wool sweater. All of us wore what looked like a rain poncho but we soon learned that this would protect us from the wind but not from the water.

Number two, expect to have the most fun in a boat with 59 other people, probably more fun than the law allows.

Number three, the tour runs no matter what the weather conditions are. Rain or shine so don't worry about the weather when you book your tickets. You are guaranteed a wild and wet ride. The boats' crew is very well trained and their main concern seemed to be for our fun and safety. They can turn that boat on a dime and they work their way around the rapids like a prima ballerina, all the while waves crashing into us from all sides! It was FANTASTIC!

The trip up the St. Laurent River to the sight of the boating acrobatics is about a 15 minute ride with mention of many landmarks along the way. Benoit was our tour guide and key information source for when to close your mouth so as not to swallow 6 days worth of water. Speeding along crossing under 3 bridges and seeing the downtown skyline is just the ride to get you ready for what was probably one of the highlights of my summer so far.

Saute Moutons Jet Boating tours departures five days a week, every two hours, from 10 am – 6pm. Morning and afternoon tours are available with a lunch or dinner at Pub St. Paul. They offer other packages for families with younger children. Prices are 60$ for adults, 50$ for youth 12 – 18 years old and 40$ for children 6 years old and older. Price for adults with a meal is 77$. Group rates are available.

Saute Moutons also has rafting tours that leave from the same pier, although you have to be at least 14 years old and have some swimming experience, and speed boating tours that leave from the Jacques Cartier Pier.

Call them to make reservations at 514-284-9607 you can fax them at 514-287-9401 but DO check out their web site at

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