A Night At the Roxbury – Special Collector’s Edition

There has been a dumbing down or the male teenage, as I like to call it, trend in film since films like Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber and A Night At the Roxbury all met with varying degrees of success. There is no way to really 'review' these types of films because either you enjoy this brand of humour or you don't. Acting, directing and story really don't play too much into it. They are just opportunities to pile in as many crass, infantile jokes as possible into 90 minutes. I just remember this film as the beginning of the phenomenon that has become Will Ferrell and the beginning of the end for Chris Kattan.

Steve (Will Ferrell – Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) and Doug Butabi (Chris Kattan – Corky Romano, House on Haunted Hill – 1999) are known as the Roxbury Brothers as they are always trying to get into the best club in town, The Roxbury. They also dream of opening up their own exclusive nightclub one day. Unfortunately the brothers are so delusional they do not realize that they are not 'cool' enough for The Roxbury and never get in.

Basically, the two brothers are geeks as they still live at home and work at a flower store owned by their father (Dan Hedaya – Robots, Swimfan). Steve's father is pressuring him to marry Emily (Molly Shannon – Year of the Dog, Superstar), the daughter of the man who owns the lamp store next door. It is their lucky day when they get into a car accident with super cool guy, Richard Grieco (Richard Grieco – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), who finally gets them inside The Roxbury. Things are looking up for the brothers as they even meet two girls. The gold-digging model Vivica (Gigi Rice – appeared in episodes of Coach and Will and Grace) and her friend Cambi (Elisa Donovan – Clueless) try to play Steve and Doug for their money. They are sadly mistaken and wasting their time as the brothers don't have any money. Will The Roxbury end up being everything that Steve and Doug though it was?

Special Features:
– Score! Reliving A Night at the Roxbury
-Roxbury Rags: Costume and Fashion Guide
-Do That Dance
-Making the List

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