The World Film Festival Preview

Recently it seemed on its last legs but once again The World Film Festival and its founder Serge Losique have risen from the ashes appearing to be back stronger than ever. The war between the acerbic Losique and Canadian film distributors seems to be over and as such thankfully we will once again be able to see Canadian films.

The focus of the festival is, like its title indicates, on world films. Many countries of the world will be represented at the festival including The United States, France, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, and Iran amongst many others. What we get to enjoy is a window into each of these countries and their treatment of the art form of film. We also are amongst the first in the world to see many of these films. There will be 230 feature length films shown and 53 of them are international premieres, 59 are North American premieres and 42 are Canadian premieres.

Some of the more anticipated films that will be screened include "September Dawn" by American Christopher Cain, a film which uses the infamous Mountains Meadows Massacre as its backdrop and stars Jon Voigt and Terence Stamp, "Spinning Into Butter" by American director Mark Brokaw and starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Miranda Richardson comes with a buzz, Willem Defoe and Bob Hoskins star in the French-Italian film "Go Go Tales" by director Abel Ferrara, and Spain's Ray Loriga's "Teresa" starring Geraldine Chaplin will also be screened. Films by Antonio Banderas (El Camino de Los Ingleses), Brett Sullivan (The Chair) and Rob Zombie (Halloween) will also be shown. The closing film will be from French director Claude Millar with his film "Un Secret".

New this year will be a feature called Midnight Slam, which features cult and horror films. The ten films in this section will be shown at the Imperial Theatre. Featured films include "Scar 3-D" (presented in high definition 3-D with no 3-D glasses required), "The Chair" and premieres of "Halloween" (Rob Zombie directs) and director Michael Davis' "Shoot 'Em Up" starring Paul Giamatti and Clive Owen. This section is obviously not for the faint of heart.

As usual Radio Canada will be screening films outside of Place des Arts for free. This is entitled "Notre Cinema" and features films made here. Due to its popularity there are more films and it begins earlier (at noon) in the day. Also the Cinema Under the Stars will continue for free each evening at 8:30 in front of Place des Arts. This program screens classic films and popular films under the stars.

This year's special tribute will see American actor Jon Voigt receiving a Special Grand Prix of the Americas award. The award is a lifetime achievement award. Also being recognized are French actress Sophie Marceau, who is now directing her first film, Spanish producer Andres Vincente Gomez and Quebec filmmaker Fernand Dansereau.

Additional Information:
-Tickets: or (514) 790-1240
-Ticket Price: Individual tickets: $10,00, book of 10 coupons: $60,00, Cinephile passes: $300,00, Student Cinephile passes: $200,00
-Theatres: Imperial Theatre – 1430 Bleury
Maisonneuve Theatre – Place des Arts
Cinema Quartier Latin – 350 Emery
Cinema ONF – 1564 St. Denis

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