Home Run Derby – Volume 1

For true baseball fans this DVD harkens back to the golden era of baseball. It is before steroids and crazy salaries – a time where people played for the love of the game and were dedicated to their teams. Each year there was a home run derby held that pitted the best power hitters of the day against one another. Volume 1 of Home Run Derby was filmed in 1959 at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles and showcases the hitting prowess of Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks, Harmon Killebrew amongst others. These future Hall of Famers were all in the primes of their careers.

Competing for the title of Home Run Derby Champion and cash prizes, two batters go head-to-head for nine innings and the winner goes on to play again. A commentator describes all the action going on as well as interviewing the other player in-between at bats.

Segment 1: Mickey Mantle vs. Willie Mays
Segment 2: Ernie Banks vs. Mickey Mantle
Segment 3: Jackie Jensen vs. Mickey mantle
Segment 4: Harmon Killebrew vs. Mickey Mantle
Segment 5: Rocky Colavito vs. Harmon Killebrew
Segment 6: Ken Boyer vs. Harmon Killebrew
Segment 7: Hank Aaron vs. Ken Boyer
Segment 8: Jim Lemon vs. Hank Aaron

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