The Odd Couple – The Second Season

A case of Ying and Yang living together. Felix is a hyper-organized neat freak and his roommate Oscar is messy and lazy. This, of course, leads to some disagreements and sticky situations, but they are all funny.

Episode 1: Natural Childbirth: Oscar's pregnant niece arrives and is going to have a natural childbirth against Oscar's wishes.

Episode 2: Felix's Wife's Boyfriend: Gloria is going out on a date with Nancy's brother and Felix is jealous.

Episode 3: Hospital Mates: Felix is getting his deviated septum operated on when Felix ruptures his Achilles tendon. They end up sharing a hospital room.

Episode 4: Sleepwalker: Oscar begins to sleepwalk, which isn't the problem, but the fact that he starts attacking Felix during it is.

Episode 5: A Grave for Felix: Felix is upset when because of Oscar he does not get the grave site that he wanted.

Episode 6: Murray the Fink: After the poker gang starts teasing Murray about his lousy arrest record he decides to improve it by arresting the poker gang.

Episode 7: Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?: Felix is putting on a production of Rigoletto and Oscar helps to get him opera star Richard Fredericks.

Episode 8: The Fat Farm: When Felix and Oscar decide to check into a fat farm, Felix begins to drive the starving Oscar mad.

Episode 9: The Odd Couple Meet Their Host: While on a television talk show Oscar cracks up the audience with his stories of Felix the neat freak.

Episode 10: Win One for Felix: Felix tries to get close to his son by coaching his football team, but his lack of knowledge of the sport has the rest of the boys up in arms.

Episode 11: Being Divorced Is Never Having to Say I Do: Oscar is happy when his ex announces that she is getting remarried as he will no longer have to pay her alimony, but Felix is against the marriage.

Episode 12: Surprise, Surprise!: Felix is having a surprise birthday party for his daughter (Pamelyn Ferdin – appeared in episodes of Bewitched and My Three Sons) on the same night as Oscar's poker game.

Episode 13: Felix the Calypso Singer: Oscar wants to spend some alone time with Nancy on their Caribbean trip and that leaves Felix by his lonesome.

Episode 14: And Leave the Greyhound to Us?: Oscar wins a greyhound in a card game and wants to race it, but Felix wants to keep it as a housepet.

Episode 15: Security Arms: After their apartment is robbed, Felix and Oscar moved into a high security apartment; but the rules there end up being to much for them.

Episode 16: Speak for Yourself: Oscar tells the story of how he introduced Felix and Gloria and had to propose on Felix's behalf due to his nervous laryngitis.

Episode 17: You Saved My Life: Oscar saves Felix's life and has to deal with his overenthusiastic thankfulness.

Episode 18: Where's Grandpa: Felix's grandfather, while Felix is out of town, mopes around the apartment after breaking up with his wife and he turns out to be just as hyper-organized and fastidious as his grandson.

Episode 19: Partner's Investment: Felix convinces Oscar into being a silent partner with him at a Japanese restaurant, but Felix's ways soon equal the downfall of the restaurant.

Episode 20: Good, Bad Boy: Felix is exciting about hosting a boy from the reform school until the boy asks his daughter out to a dance.

Episode 21: A Night to Dismember: We see the last days of Blanche and Oscar's marriage from Felix's, Oscar's and Blanche's points of view.

Episode 22: Oscar's Promotion: While helping Oscar cover an exhibition international wrestling match, Felix persuades the Chinese champ to quit.

Episode 23: Psychic, Shmycic: Felix has a premonition that someone is going to try and kill Oscar.

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