Kate Nash

I guess we should not be surprised after Brits Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse have met with some success that others seem to be now jumping on the bandwagon. The bandwagon is all about female Brits who tell it like it is in a funny way with their lyrics. They have indie sensibilities, but are obviously going for large album sales, so they are not exactly living live on the fringes. Kate Nash is certainly not an artist who believes that she has to edit her language/lyrics in any way, but she is more on the periphery than Allen or Winehouse. There are songs about a boyfriend who is less than nice, a bird pooping on your head and playing all day in your room. Nash has a unique vocal style in that she sounds like a cute little girl singing in a thick London accent. The songs all fall into the large genre we call pop but there are elements of jazz and R&B as well. Certainly not your run-of-the-mill stuff. But those Brits have always been a little quirky, haven't they?

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