Preview of Line 1

Ever wondered what a show that combines live music plus acrobatics à la Cirque du Soleil would be like? Well, if you have then check out the Line 1 troupe. This Montreal collective is presenting their new show that has been choreographed by Debra Brown, a woman who has previously choreographed various Cirque du Soleil shows, worked with many high-profile musical acts (Madonna, Celine Dion, Bjork, and others) and the Academy Awards in 2002. This is a woman with tons of experience working on first-rate productions and has even won an Emmy Award. With her ample imagination Brown has combined live music with dance and acrobatics to create this unique show.

All variations of music and dance and acrobatics have come together to form Line 1. This is a show without boundaries and is completely inclusive. All types of sound and movement are used in Line 1 to show the link between all human beings. The 22 performers involved move to the rhythms of world, funk and soul music. At the show you will hear instrument playing, singing, see dancing, flying, trampolines, and more. One thing for sure is that the moments of silence or without movement will be few and far between.

Additional Information:
-Corona Theatre – 2490 Notre Dame Ouest
-Tickets: or theatre boxoffice or (514) 931-2088
-Ticket Prices: $38 or $42 (tax included, plus service charge)

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