The Happy Hooker Trilogy

One thing you can count on about films from the 1970s is their love of the kitschy and left-of-center. Now we can all agree that there are many films that have been made that deal with prostitutes, but I don't know of any that are told from the angle of "The Happy Hooker" films. Maybe the bawdiness of the films have much to do with the fact that the films are based on the autobiographical book by Xaviera Hollander, one of the most important madams in the 1970s in New York. Judging by the films this woman has led quite a life!

The Happy Hooker:
Director: Nicholas Sgarro

Xaviera Hollander (Lynn Redgrave – Kinsey, Gods and Monsters) moves to New York from her native Holland in order to marry a man. When he fiancé dumps her, Xaviera is left to her own devices in the big city. She takes an office job to pay the bills and starts dating. After several of these dates, Xaviera realizes that there is a way she can profit off of her sexual appetite. To be paid for doing something you enjoy is the best type of job. Xaviera becomes well known for her 'talents' and soon starts working for a high-class brothel. The idea comes to her that she has the talent and knowledge to now open up her own brothel instead of working for other people.

The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington:
Director: William A. Levy

Xaviera Hollander (Joey Heatherton – Cry-Baby) is now one of the more successful madams in all of New York City. A crimp is put in her business when she is called to testify in front of Congress. After this she is to work on a special mission for the C.I. A.

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood:
Director: Alan Roberts

As a woman of many talents, Xaviera (Martine Beswick – Thunderball, From Russia With Love) has now written a book and it is so popular that Hollywood takes notice. A flimsy offer is given to her for the rights to the book, but being the independent woman that she is, Xaviera decides to make the film herself.

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