Aly and AJ

Sister duo Aly and AJ joined the ranks of popstars in 2005 with "Into The Rush."
Their lovely voices along with several catchy songs made for a promising debut. They have been compared to Hilary Duff and this comparison is fairly accurate, as their blend of pop music with a bit of rock in the mix is a similar formula. Their follow up still has them penning their own lyrics about the usual girl talk topics such as relationships and feelings. The album kicks off with "Potential Breakup Song." Surely they can do better than this song. Indeed they can as "Bullseye" has a rockin' beat. "Closure" is a good effort as is the upbeat "Like Whoa." Aly and AJ's voices sound sweet on "Silence" and "Blush." "If I Could Have You Back" is ordinary. The album concludes with "Chemicals React", the remixed version. While there are a few good songs on this album, I have to say that their debut album was far more solid that their follow up. These girls definitely have talent though. In fact they are also into acting (which teen popstar isn't these days?) Their own clothing line and signature perfume must not be far off.

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