No Man of Her Own

Though they were a married couple in real-life this was Clark Gable and Carole Lombard's only onscreen performance together. They have a nice onscreen chemistry which is essential for this type of romantic comedy. What really stands out about the film compared to others of the era is how 'sexy' it is. There is a shower scene with Gable and a scene of Lombard on a ladder that caused the censor board to up their restrictions very soon after. Despite this the film has an innocence about it that you don't see very often and is quite refreshing. It is not a laugh-out-loud funny kind of movie but there certainly are some humourous moments.

Babe Stewart (Clark Gable – The Misfits, Gone With the Wind) is a New York con man who decides the heat is too high for him in the big city so he moves to a small city while it cools off. In this small town the last thing he would have though possible happens as he finds himself falling in love. The local librarian, Connie Randall (Carole Lombard – Swing High, Swing Low), is a small town girl who is looking for a little adventure in life so Babe is ready and able in that category. He does not however want her to know how wild his life has been until this point so after they get married and return to New York he tries to keep many things about his past from her. Babe continues his gambling and con man ways without the knowledge of his wife. When Connie finds out what Babe has been up to she tries pressuring him to stop which does not thrill him. The pressure might lead to Babe making a decision that will completely change his life.

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