Casanova Brown

When he finds out that his estranged wife (Teresa Wright – The Rainmaker, The Actress) is planning to remarry and put their child up for adoption, Casanova Brown (Gary Cooper – High Noon, You're In the Navy Now) steals his own child. While hiding out in a hotel, Brown attempts to take care of the child, but soon discovers that diapers and formula are not his thing. To further complicate the matters the girl (Anita Louise – appeared in episodes of Mannix and The Mod Squad) that he has recently proposed to is waiting for him at the alter.

"Casanova Brown" is a film that is all about comedy and of the screwball variety, so it requires light humour and a story that will put the characters in precarious situations. The film has both in spades. Unlike the predominant assumption, comedy is not an easy thing to write or act. The story in the this film, though zany, goes through a logical progression and so it does not become so implausible that it removes the laughter. Gary Cooper has the required comedic timing down pat. Not a comedy classic, but a nice diversion.

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