Genesis @ The Olympic Stadium

Montreal favorites Genesis performed last night at Olympic Stadium. It was a huge affair. From the staging to the set list no stone was left unturned. The stage was an immense sight from side to side right up to the roof it was huge. It was also one giant screen with two smaller ones off to the side making any seat in the house a good one. Depending where you were the sound ranged from a sonic boom to muddy as this is the bane of the stadium. I was lucky enough to be in a sonic boom zone, the sound was the best I've ever heard at the stadium. The set list unlike the past few Genesis tours was a fifty fifty between old and new and everyone went away with something. >From the opening "Between the Lines" to the encore of "The Carpet Crawl" all eras of the bands career was covered. Highlights would have to include the medley of "In the Cage/Cinema Show/Duke's Travels/Afterglow". This 25 minute piece of progressive rock in all it's glory seemed to have stunned a few of the newer fans but by the end they were all on board. The other highlight would be "Home by the Sea/Second home by the Sea" showing even newer tunes could stand up against old heavyweights. By evenings end 40 000 Genesis fans left with big smiles on their faces.

Set List

Between the Lines/Duke's End
Turn it on Again
No Son of Mine
Land of Confusion
In the Cage/Cinema Show/Duke's Travels/Afterglow
Hold on my Heart
Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea
Follow you follow me
Firth of fith/I know what I Like
Throwing it all Away
Drum Duet
Los Endos
Tonight Tonight/Invisible Touch

E:I Can't Dance
E:The Carpet Crawl

Total Time 2hrs 45 mins

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