Numb3rs – The Third Season

FBI Special Agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow – from television's Northern Exposure) has finally found a way to bond with his genius brother, Charlie (David Krumholtz – Superbad, Bobby). Eppes uses Charlie's mathematical skills to help him solve cases. The two brothers remain competitive with each other which worries their father (Judd Hirsch – from television's Taxi). Each of them gets some help at the office from their colleagues with the cases. Agent Eppes is helped by behaviour specialist Megan Reeves (Diane Farr – from television's Rescue Me) along with FBI agents David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard – Deep Impact) and Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno – Where the Heart Is, Saving Private Ryan). Charlie's co-workers at the university he teaches at, including Dr. Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol – from television's Ally McBeal) and former grad student Amita Ramanjuan (Navi Rawat – House of Sand and Fog), help him out with the science.

Episode 1: Spree: The team tries to capture spree killers, but it is made harder by the fact that there seems to be no profile.

Episode 2: Two Daughters: Crystal Hoyle (Kim Dickens – Thank You For Smoking, Hollow Man) captures Megan, so the team is in a race against the clock to save her.

Episode 3: Provenance: A murder that happens in conjunction with the theft of a painting leaves the team puzzled.

Episode 4: The Mole: A team member's safety is put in jeopardy after an interpreter is killed during a hit and run. Charlie is having trouble at work.

Episode 5: Traffic: Charlie and his team have to deal with the concept of randomness when a killer is shooting people driving on a highway.

Episode 6: Longshot: There is a death at the race track and Don and his team are called in on the case. Charlie becomes involved and the case changes completely.

Episode 7: Blackout: Los Angeles is plunged into darkness after a series of blackouts. Charlie begins to wonder if they are random or the work of terrorists.

Episode 8: Hardball: A minor league baseball player dies and the trail leads to a child prodigy.

Episode 9: Waste Not: A new administrator at the university wants Charlie to focus on his teaching and not investigating cases with the FBI.

Episode 10: Brutus: After a California senator is assassinated the team begins doing things they never thought they would. Larry divulges something that upsets Charlie.

Episode 11: Killer Chat: It might be the end of Larry's dream. The team is on the trail of a killer who commits his murders in houses that are for sale.

Episode 12: Nine Wives: The team is on the trail of a pedophile polygamous when a quilt becomes a clue.

Episode 13: Finders Keepers: Charlie does not know where to turn when two agencies are asking him for help in locating a yacht.

Episode 14: Take Out: Robberies at high class restaurants turns to murder and Don's team is brought in to investigate.

Episode 15: End of Watch: When the badge of a police officer who was supposed to have died 17 years ago turns up the FBI joins the LAPD in the investigation. Alan is served with a lawsuit concerning a golf course he helped design.

Episode 16: Contenders: A friend from Don's childhood is accused of murder while preparing for an All-Out fighting bout. Charlie sits in for Larry in a poker tournament.

Episode 17: One Hour: The son (Taylor Gray – The Take) of a successful hip hop producer is kidnapped. Colby is given one hour to try and save the boy.

Episode 18: Democracy: A former colleague contacts Charlie when some of his co-workers are killed. She turns up dead so Charlie and Don begin an investigation.

Episode 19: Pandora's Box: Charlie's attention is split between a case and the burglary that happened at his house.

Episode 20: Burn Rate: A previous unsolved serial bomber case rears its ugly head again when letter bombs start killing those involved with the previous investigation.

Episode 21: The Art of Reckoning: Larry has a hard time adjusting to being back. Don has to work with a hitman to try and get an assemblyman's son back.

Episode 22: Under Pressure: Los Angeles is under the threat of a terrorist attack and the stress gets to everyone as Don and Charlie are at odds.

Episode 23: Money for Nothing: Medicine and money that is meant for Zambia is taken leading to Don working to free the people being held hostage for the code for it.

Episode 24: The Janus List: A bomber who has rigged a bridge asks for Don and Charlie. He puts them on the trail of espionage happening inside and outside the U.S.

Special Features:
-"Crunching Numb3rs: Season 3" Featurette
-"Eppes Central" Featurette
-Blooper Reel
-Set House Tour

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