Simian Mobile Disco

Imagine is you took some ecstasy (now I am not recommending this just suggesting you use your imagination) and listened to some Daft Punk. Now what you would probably be hearing would sound a lot like this release from Simian Mobile Disco. There are no constants soundwise on this album. It keeps metamorphizing into something different. The two DJs in the band (James Ford and Jas Shaw) know how to create righteous beats that will keep dance music enthusiasts on the dance floor for hours at a time. Unlike many dance recordings the album is not a DJ set, but rather a true album with each track being distinct from the next. An album that begs to be played as loud as you can bear. The only downside is that the front half of the album is much stronger than the back half and I fear most will be tempted to turn it off at this point.

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