Colbie Caillat

Bubblegum pop can come in many forms and Colbie Caillat's album is one. She has an easy breezy style of acoustic pop that will be popular with the teenage girls and thirtysomething women, but other than the way she looks (good!) I don't see her appealing to the male of the species too much. She is the music equivalent of the chick flick. It is warm and fuzzy with not many risks taken. Now it might seem like I did not like the album, but that is not the case at all. Caillat's music is catchy and feel good so there is no reason not to like it. Based on record sales (her album was in the top 10 earlier in the month) many agree that this is a good album. It is nothing that you have not heard before but I dare you to resist it once you've heard her music.

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