Urgent Alert The Orca whales need your help now

Right now I'm shaking my head in frustration. A tanker truck overturned and spilled diesel fuel in a marine reserve a month ago, in the middle of an Orca sanctuary north of Vancouver Island. Neither the company responsible, nor the Canadian government, is taking action to fix this terrible accident. So, it's up to us. And it's urgent. Greenpeace Canada and the Living Oceans Society are mobilizing forces, and we have a plan of action. To properly assess the damage, and act to protect the Orca whales from further endangerment before it's too late, we must rent equipment including a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) at a cost of $35,000 .> I know it's a lot of money, but I hope you'll agree with me that protecting the Orcas from further oil spill damage makes it worth it.

At least one Orca pod has been seen swimming in the midst of the oil slick, and we fear more to follow. Let me tell you more about this disaster. On August 20th, a barge carrying logging equipment and a fuel truck with 10,000 litres of diesel fuel spilled its cargo into the pristine waters of Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. The Reserve is a sanctuary to one of the largest resident Orca populations in the world. Immediately after the spill, Greenpeace, the Living Oceans Society, and local whale watching companies called on the Federal and Provincial Governments to conduct an underwater investigation to determine the state of the wreckage and whether there is potential for further leakage from the fuel truck. The truck may still contain up to 9000 litres of diesel, that could rupture and leak causing further devastation to this fragile reserve. Help us do the right thing and investigate this accident accurately.

More than a month after the accident, the logging company and governments continue to pass the buck and claim the problem is under control. But how would they know? There has been no visual inspection of the sunken tanker or equipment sitting in 350 metres of water on the ocean floor. No one has committed to doing a proper investigation of the accident. Due to changing weather conditions, an investigation needs to be done before the end of September – so we have just a few days left. Otherwise we have to wait until July of 2008. Our plan of action is to locate the wreckage using sonar technology and then to perform a visual investigation using a Remote Operated Vehicle. We'll turn all data over to the Ministries of Environment and the Coast Guard. This is the only way to determine whether the fuel truck is in fact a ticking time bomb and whether it should be salvaged from the Orca sanctuary. The cost of the investigation is quoted at $35,000. We waited until now to ask you for help in the hope that thegovernment would do what is right and take action by conducting the investigation.
Now we've turned a critical corner and Greenpeace, along with local environmentalorganizations, are taking control, before it's too late. We need to act urgently – please help Greenpeace take critical action for the sake of the Orcas and their habitat by clicking here. What would 9,000 litres of diesel fuel seeping into a
marine ecological reserve do to the resident pods of Orca whales?

Frankly, we don't know but we have a good idea. And it is not good. When governments won't act, Greenpeace will. We need to move fast to avoid further damage to the marine environment and Orcas but we need your help – please contribute $200,$100, $75, or whatever you can. The $35,000 we need to raise is a lot of money. We strongly believe that this investigation should be led by the federal and provincial governments, along with the company responsible for the accident. But at this late point, no one has committed to an investigation, so Greenpeace and the Living Oceans Society have started preparing for one. I know you understand my frustration and desire to help ensure this habitat and the Orcas aren't subjected to even more damage. If you want to help me and Greenpeace do what's right, please send your special donation today. Thank you so much! Your support means oceans to us.

P.S. I am asking for your urgent help with a
special donation today to help us make sure the fuel truck doesn't leak its oil into
this amazing ecological reserve, home to the Orcas. Should the government change its position and do its own investigation – your donation will be used to research the long-term impacts of the spill on the Orcas. If we raise more than is required for the investigation, we will put your donation toward ongoing work protecting the worlds oceans and whales.


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