Grey’s Anatomy – Season Three

Make no bones about it (hardeehar!) Grey's Anatomy is a nighttime soap opera set in a hospital. It is less and less a medical drama and more and more about relationships, weddings, pregnancies, suicide, and the like. There are the occasional medical wonders thrown in to satisfy fans interested in that, but it really is a show about the interpersonal relationships of the people working at Seattle Grace Hospital. That is not to say that despite the melodramatic storylines that there is not any quality to it. The acting from the cast, for the most part, is quite good with Sandra Oh being the true star in my opinion. It is a very popular show that manages to pack much emotion into its 40-odd minutes without becoming too much.

Episode 1: Time Has Come Today: The staff of Seattle Grace Hospital tries to help Izzie deal with the death of her fiancé, Denny. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo – Old School, Daredevil) does not know what to feel about dating Derek (Freedom Writers, Sweet Home Alabama).

Episode 2: I Am a Tree: It is a very awkward first meeting between Cristina (Sandra Oh – Sideways, The Princess Diaries) and Burke's (Isaiah Washington – Romeo Must Die, Out of Sight) parents. Addison (Kate Walsh – Bewitched, Under the Tuscan Sun) takes a break from surgery.

Episode 3: Sometimes a Fantasy: Izzie (Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up, Bride of Chucky) attempts to come back to the hospital intern program for the first time since she quit. Cristina helps Burke with his hand tremors.

Episode 4: What I Am: A surprise is in store for Izzie. Addison begins to doubt her skills as a doctor.

Episode 5: Oh, The Guilt: Bailey (Chandra Wilson – Philadelphia, Lone Star) is treating a young mother with breast cancer. Derek discovers more about Mark (Eric Dane – X-Men: The Last Stand) and Addison's relationship.

Episode 6: Let the Angels Commit: Derek's sister arrives for a surprise visit. Alex (Justin Chambers – The Wedding Planner, Liberty Heights) has problems deciding what he should specialize in.

Episode 7: Where the Boys Are: The men go on a camping trip together. Bailey is suspicious of Cristina and confronts her.

Episode 8: Staring at the Sun: Derek and Addison agree to be more civil to one another. Richard (James Pickens Jr. – Traffic, How Stella Got Her Groove Back) attempts to reconcile with his wife, Adele.

Episode 9: From a Whisper to a Scream: The ER at Seattle Grace is full of victims of a car accident. Izzie finds it hard to respect all of her probation requirements.

Episode 10: Don't Stand So Close to Me: Burke and Cristina's relationship begins to show signs of strain. Molly, Meredith's half sister, is admitted to Seattle Grace.

Episode 11: Six Days, Part 1: Six days after an operation on his heart, George's (T.R. Knight – appeared in episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Frasier) father undergoes another surgery for his cancer. Meredith discovers that Derek is not the greatest sleeper.

Episode 12: Six Days, Part 2: Thatcher Grey visits the hospital to meet his new granddaughter.

Episode 13: Great Expectations: A rumour starts making its way around Seattle Grace about the Chief leaving. Bailey wants to start a free clinic.

Episode 14: Wishin' and Hopin': The Chief position is open and several doctors' jockey for the job. Meredith's mother, who has Alzheimer's, has a change of condition.

Episode 15: Walk On Water: Cristina begs Burke to allow her to tell Meredith about their engagement before anyone else. George is unprofessional with Callie.

Episode 16: Drowning on Dry Land: Izzie battles for a dying patient. Derek wonders where Meredith has disappeared to.

Episode 17: Some Kind of Miracle: A patient fighting for their life touches everyone at Seattle Grace.

Episode 18: Scars and Souvenirs: A new person declares themselves for the Chief position. Things get tenser between Izzie and George.

Episode 19: My Favorite Mistake: George is badly hung over on the day he meets his new father-in-law. Izzie comes to an upsetting realization.

Episode 20: Time After Time: Alex becomes very attached to the Jane Doe. Cristina fights for what she has with Burke.

Episode 21: Desire: The interns start cramming for their exams. Derek begins to have doubts about his relationship with Meredith.

Episode 22: The Other Side of This Life, Part 1: Addison takes a temporary leave from Seattle Grace and travels to Los Angeles. Meredith starts to become close to her stepmother.

Episode 23: The Other Side of This Life, Part 2: Addison visits with old friends from medical school. Cristina starts planning her wedding with the help of her mother, Helen.

Episode 24: Testing 1-2-3: The interns write their first year medical exams. Callie (Sara Ramirez – Chicago, Spider-Man) begins to become more and more suspicious of Izzie and George.

Episode 25: Didn't We Almost Have It All?: It is the day of Cristina and Burke's wedding. The results of the exams come in for the interns.

Special Features:
– Four extended episodes exclusively for the DVD release.
-One-on-one with series star Ellen Pompeo
-A visit to the race track with star Patrick Dempsey
-Cast and crew members' favourite scenes

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