Desperate Housewives – The Complete Third Season

Oh, those crazy ladies of Wisteria Lane are back for another season of mayhem, murder, secrets, cat fights, and juicy gossip. It is the guilty pleasure that we don't feel guilty about admitting to. This show is truly family drama lite. Season One was terrific, but there was a sophomore jinx with Season Two. So Season Three is a return to form for Susan, Bree, Gaby, Edie, and Lynette.

Episode 1: Listen to the Rain on the Roof: Mike (James Denton – Primary Colors, Face/Off) is still in a coma six months later and Susan (Teri Hatcher – Spy Kids, Tomorrow Never Dies) has stuck it out with him. Bree (Marcia Cross – from television's Melrose Place) and Orson (Kyle MacLachlan – from television's Sex and the City) get engaged.

Episode 2: It Takes Two: It is Bree and Orson's wedding day and things do not go smoothly. Susan goes out on a date with Ian (Dougray Scott – Ever After, Dark Water).

Episode 3: A Weekend in the Country: Bree and Orson are leaving for their honeymoon. Tom (Doug Savant – Godzilla – 1998, Teen Wolf) is going camping with the kids.

Episode 4: Like It Was: Mike finally comes out of his coma, but suffers from amnesia. Edie (Nicollette Sheridan – from television's Knots Landing) is the one who fills him in about the last two years of his life.

Episode 5: Nice She Ain't: Carlos (Ricardo Chavira – The Alamo) and Gaby's (Eva Longoria – The Sentinel, The Heartbreak Kid) divorce gets really nasty. Susan tries to help Mike remember.

Episode 6: Sweetheart, I Have to Confess: Bree's patience with her friends is pushed to the limit as Gaby, Susan and Lynette (Felicity Huffman – Georgia Rule, Transamerica) get drunk while she is trying to impress a former friend at the country club. Susan tells Ian that she loves him.

Episode 7: Bang: Lynette finally comes to terms with Mary Alice's (Brenda Strong – Red Dragon, The Deep End of the Ocean) death. A wife is finally caused to snap by her husband's cheating ways.

Episode 8: Children and Art: Lynette learns something disturbing about her new neighbour. Gabrielle decides to start modeling again and goes to New York.

Episode 9: Beautiful Girls: Gaby takes a job training beauty contestants. Carlos asks Mike if he can live with him for a bit.

Episode 10: The Miracle Song: It is the time of year for the annual block party on Wisteria Lane. Mike is arrested for Monique's murder.

Episode 11: No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds: Susan goes to see Mike in jail to let him know that Ian got him a lawyer. Tome and Lynette try to make Kayla (Rachel Fox – appeared in episodes of Alias and That's So Raven!) feel like one of the family.

Episode 12: Not While I'm Around: Bree is not happy about Alma (Valerie Mahaffey – Seabiscuit) moving to Wisteria Lane. Gaby's secret admirer is revealed.

Episode 13: Come Play Wiz Me: Gloria helps Orson's ex-wife get him into a compromising position. Gaby cannot keep out of Zach's (Cody Kasch – appeared in episodes of ER and The Practice) path.

Episode 14: I Remember That: Ian asks Susan to marry him. Bree is in the hospital after a fall off a ladder.

Episode 15: The Little Things You Do Together: Tom and Lynette open their restaurant. Someone gets engaged and another comes to an unexpected conclusion.

Episode 16: My Husband, the Pig: Edie's son unexpectedly comes for a visit. Someone finds out they are pregnant.

Episode 17: Dress Big: Lynette is running into some problems at the restaurant. Susan meets her in-laws.

Episode 18: Liaisons: Susan considers moving to London. Tom is upset when a man shows interest in Lynette.

Episode 19: God, That's Good: Pictures of Gaby and Victor (John Slattery – Flags of Our Fathers, Mona Lisa Smile) getting romantic in an elevator get out. A resident of Wisteria Lane ends up in the hospital.

Episode 20: Gossip: Gaby is not the center of attention at her own engagement party. A dead body is found on Wisteria Lane.

Episode 21: Into the Woods: Susan gets lost in the woods while searching for Mike. Gaby ends up in jail.

Episode 22: What Would We Do Without You: Tom does everything to save his marriage. Mike and Susan get engaged.

Episode 23: Getting Married Today: Gaby gets ready for her wedding day. Lynette's mother (Polly Bergen – Cape Fear – 1962) comes to town after finding out Lynette has cancer.

Special Features:
– Behind-the-scenes look at the season finale
-Spanish audio track
-Eva Longoria shares stories from some of her favorite bloopers
-Marc Cherry's favorite scenes
-Several unaired story lines
-Deleted scenes and outtakes.

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