The Graduate – 40th Anniversary Edition

If you wanted a Reader's Digest version of how the youth of the 1960s felt then director Mike Nichols' (The Birdcage, Working Girl) film "The Graduate" is the way to go. During this decade the 'youth' of the day were feeling alienated, not listened to and angry at anyone seen as the 'man', so they often turned towards radical methods of protest and went out of their ways not to conform to the norms. The film turned this whole distance between the generations on its head by featuring a romance between a younger man and an older woman. Everything about this funny film is concerned with making light of the social mores of the time. Very tongue-in-cheek! The script is brilliant with its often witty and sometimes quirky dialogue delivered perfectly by a young Dustin Hoffman and a beautiful Anne Bancroft. It truly was a breakout performance by Hoffman and Bancroft seemed to really understand the boredom of the upper-middle class housewife. The humour of the situation is in perfect juxtaposition with the haunting score by Simon and Garfunkel. What can be said about director Mike Nichols? He won a well-deserved Best Director Oscar for his efforts. Depicting the various nuances of the human condition is his forte as a director and he really demonstrates his deft touch with this film.

Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman – Rainman, Stranger Than Fiction) returns from college for the summer without a clue about what he is going to do with his future. He is a quiet and socially awkward young man with plenty on his mind. He is slightly distracted to say the least after he meets the wife of his father's (William Daniels – Blades of Glory, Reds) business partner (Murray Hamilton – Brubaker, The Amityville Horror – 1979), Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft – G.I. Jane, Agnes of God), and she seduces him then they embark on torrid affair. This affair just proves to muddle Benjamin's mind all the more as he is filled with ennui due to his upper-middle class life. To make matters even more confusing, Benjamin then meets the girl of his dreams, Elaine (Katherine Ross – Donnie Darko, The Swarm). Sounds good, right? But when Benjamin finds out she is Mrs. Robinson's daughter that is when the fun really begins.

Special Features:
-Retrospective documentary that interviews "Graduate" write Buck Henry, producer Lawrence Turman, Richard Roeper and some random others.
-"Coming of Age: The Making of The Graduate" featurette
-"Would You Like Me To Seduce You: The Seduction Scene Revisited" featurette
-Simon and Garfunkel film soundtrack – 4 tracks
-"The Graduate at 25"
-"One on One" with Dustin Hoffman
-6-page booklet

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