James Blunt

With his first album he became an overnight success based on the wild success of the single "You're Beautiful", a song that was played over and over on radio without people getting sick of it. For his follow-up album he has not reinvented the wheel with it being filled with epic ballads accompanied with his falsetto (sounding very much like Barry Gibb). Each song seems to have that build up time and then a lush chorus filled with words that you drink in. Every song verges on melancholy and we hear Blunt's heart breaking many times over on this album. The overall sound is mellow without making you feel like falling asleep and the lyrics are interesting without trying to be too deep. It is basically more of the same from this supermodel dating Brit. Take time to look at the great album cover as it is one of those fantastic pictures that are made up of many different photos to make the image.

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